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About Us

About Oxford Medical Clinic

Oxford Medical Clinic was established in 2018  by

Dr. Matthew Choi who has operated the clinic up until 2020. Due to medical reasons Dr, Choi - loved by thousands of his patients, staff, family and the medical community - has had to step down and take a back seat in  the operations of this amazing clinic.

Dr Choi passed   peacefully in December 2020 in the  presence of  all  his  loved  ones .

He has set up a team of incredible, dedicated physicians and staff to provide a personable and caring environment for all our patients.

His legend in medical care lives on in our clinic. All his  patients  will  continue to be  delivered  the same amazing  care that Dr Choi provided  throughout his medical career.

The clinic continues to thrive in the Tri-Cities, providing a hands-on service to all our patients.

We strive for perfection and aim to continue to keep providing excellent quality care, exactly the same as we have been over the past years.

We are now providing additional services in  this Covid new world with the utmost protection and safety for all our patients.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Dr. Candy Cheung

Dr Cheung graduated at UBC medical school in 2008. She finished her family practice residency in Calgary and worked there for a few years before moving back to Greater Vancouver. She works on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays. She can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Taking blood pressue
Dr. Waleed Khader

Dr Khader graduated from Baghdad University in 2003 and completed postgraduate training in South Africa in Family Medicine. I practiced in Alberta for 6 years and recently moved to BC. I speak both English and Arabic.

I enjoy playing soccer, travelling and spending my free time with kids and family.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
Dr. Gangadevi Lokuwattage

Dr. Lokuwattage looks forward to working as a full-time practitioner at Oxford Medical, providing longitudinal
care to people in the community. Her mission is to provide the best quality, patient-centered health care
at the right time and place. For the past 3+ years, she worked as a family physician at the Clearwater
Medical Clinic, as well as an emergency physician, hospitalist, and residential care physician at the Dr.
Helmcken Memorial Hospital on a full-time basis. Dr. Lokuwattage graduated from the University of
Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2002 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). She completed
her master’s degree in Community Medicine at the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of
Colombo in 2009. Following post-graduate training, she worked as a family physician in Sri Lanka for
over 7 years before coming to Canada. In Canada, Dr. Lokuwattage was selected for the Practice Ready
Assessment Program – British Columbia (PRA-BC) in 2017. After successful completion of PRA-BC, she
worked in Clearwater, a small community in interior British Columbia, where she was commended by
many of her patients and the community. Through a wide range of experience spanning well over a
decade, she is acquainted with the complete scope of family medicine. She enjoys meeting people from
different sociocultural backgrounds and admires diversity. Besides her professional duties, she likes
being with her family, creative writing, and traveling.


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